RC SYSTEM Positioner (red)

The Positioner is the basic element of RC SYSTEM. The tool allows you to drill holes anywhere on the plane of the furniture board and in the edges of the boards. It has been designed in an intuitive way, allowing for quick and precise change of the drilling position. It has a special measure of defined dimensions enabling the installation of various furniture fittings. Stability of work is ensured by a strong suction cup, and special rails – a solid assembly of the drive. The positioner is complemented by slats and pins.




  • RC SYSTEM Positioner
  • An element for drilling in the edges of boards
  • 5 pins


Positioning from the edge of the board:

  • 6.5 mm
  • 8 mm
  • 9.5 mm
  • 17 mm
  • 20 mm
  • 21.5 mm
  • 22 mm
  • 28 mm
  • 32 mm
  • 33.5 mm
  • 34 mm
  • 37 mm


Color: red
Weight: 1 kg
anodized aluminum
Mounting: suction cup*
Maximum drill diameter: 35 mm


*The suction cup is fastened on smooth furniture boards. On structured boards – lightly press the vertical lever of the suction cup with your thumb, press the positioner against the plane of the form with the rest of the hand. The device is immobilized.


The positioner allows you to work with boards of different thickness.